Smart home sellers know they need more than an agent that puts his sign in their front yard. Posting a listing on MLS and hoping to find a buyer isn’t enough. You need a team that is fully vested in your success. We have an obligation to our clients to do everything you can to smooth the process of selling their home.


The ability to understand the market conditions and evaluate comparable homes and set the right price. Then realize the best net gain after contingencies



Preparing your home for listing may be as important as the listing itself. We can help you with the best practices for success.


Marketing is more than curb appeal, it isn’t just staging. It’s about capturing what has made your property a home. Enabling buyer to visualize it as part of their future.


There is a difference between an interested buy and one who is qualified. We help to identify buyers that won’t stall the sale of your home


Pricing is one of the most important aspects of a listing that must be carefully considered by both the seller and the Jet Realty listing broker.  It takes skill and cooperation between seller and listing broker to establish the price to attract as many buyers as possible.  We pride ourselves at Jet Realty at developing that cooperation between ourselves and sellers to reach the goal, sell the property for the most money possible.

As a seller, you should be aware that a price greater than the market can bear can cause potential buyers to pass on by.  Equally as important is to avoid pricing too low, giving rise to potential questions that there may be something wrong with the property that is bringing about a lower price.  More than ever buyers have access to more information the real estate market and they will be doing their homework.  More than ever they know what to expect in a home.  We know the local markets in your neighborhoods, and we can help get the best price possible.


The terms “putting your best foot forward” and “you never get a second chance to make a good first impression” both come to mind here.  It’s a team effort here at Jet Realty to help you as the seller to do this.  From the very beginning of discussing with the seller what to expect during the listing to preparing and staging the home, we are there to help you prepare the home to make the best first impression possible.


At Jet Realty, we believe it is mission critical to have a plan for each property that we list.  Marketing can be defined as getting a commodity in front of as many potential buyers as possible.  Our marketing plans include but are not limited the following items:

Professional HD pictures taken of the property

A yard sign posted on the property where the seller agrees to

A customized Social Media campaign that includes ads of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

An exclusive virtual tour of the property that allows the buyers to “virtually” walk through the property and feel like they are there before they come to the home.  This would include providing that video to our own Jet Realty “YouTube” page that can be posted all forms of communication like email, Facebook and Instagram ads, etc.

A Broker’s Open (where and when appropriate) would be held by our listing brokers to show the property to as many other competing brokers who have buyers for looking in your area.  The other profit to holding a Broker’s Open is to get valuable feedback from competing brokers to help us “dial in” the property even further if needed.

The home will be placed on the Northwest MLS known as one of the finest run MLS’s in the country.

Once the property is listed on the NWMLS, programs like “Showing Suite” and the Supra key box will be used to track feedback by both buyers and their brokers.  Again, good open communication will help us “dial in” any needs to get the property to the owner.

Open Houses will be provided by the Jet Realty Team throughout the process of the listing as needed and wanted by the seller.  These can be very profitable in opening the home to prospective buyers who shop neighborhoods they want to live in.


Helping the seller find “qualified” buyers is another big job for the Jet Realty Broker.  The difference between being “pre-qualified” and “pre-approved” can be a wide chasm.  We help the seller to ascertain the difference between a serious and well qualified buyer verses a buyer is “hoping” to purchase your home and they have not done the necessary due diligence to be ready to make this very big commitment.  With helping the seller with calling the buyer’s lender and making sure that buyer is truly ready to make sure there is enough earnest money in the transaction to keep the buyer from wanting to walk away, we carefully navigate this process of accepting an offer from a buyer.


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