Is it time for you to buy? There are many reasons to purchase your own home. Let Jet Realty help you find out if now really is a good time for you to buy. Everyone’s situation is unique. You don’t need a one size fits all solution. Schedule an appointment with one of our home buying experts who will take the time needed to help you make the best choice for you.



Finding the perfect home using the latest tools. The search can be fun! Learn more about searching for your home.



You don’t buy a home everyday.  The process of buying a home can be daunting. Using someone who is an expert will save you time, money, and headache.


Money is the key to buying a home. Whether you are buying with cash our using a mortgage, money is vitally important to the transaction.

The Transaction

Most people in the United States only purchase one or two homes in their lifetime.  One thing that is for sure, we can only master things that we do repetitively to become aware of all the nuances of that thing.  At Jet Realty, our Brokers carried out these disciplines every day.  We also train multiple times a month (practice our craft) to become proficient at all the nuances of a transaction.  Understanding the NWMLS forms and how to best represent you in a transaction is paramount.

The other aspect of the transaction is the negotiation process.  The negotiation process doesn’t end at when a price is agreed upon between and buyer and seller.  The many terms with regards to the contract including but not limited to:

  • How will you hold title?
  • What appliances will be left by the seller?
  •  How much Earnest Money should be offered to strengthen the offer?
  •  How should the Earnest Money be handled if there is a default in the purchase process?
  •  What is a good closing date for all parties concerned?
  •  Help you make sure that the utilities are paid off at escrow from the proceeds of the seller’s closing funds.
  •  Help you work with title to make sure that there are no charges and or assessments on the property so that you as the buyer don’t assume charges you are not prepared for.
  •  We will work as a liaison between you, your lender, and the listing broker so that communication with regards to the loan process is clear and flowing throughout the entire transaction.
  •  We will work with you to help you through the inspection process.  Understanding this process and knowing what is important to you when you purchase a home is paramount.
  •  We will help you work through the negotiation process of the inspection after it has been completed if necessary.  This is a place where real estate experience is very important.  We will help you navigate this area carefully and with wisdom.


All of these items (and many more!) will need to be navigated with care and concern to bring the transaction to a successful completion.  Here at Jet Realty, much like professional athlete’s train in their areas of discipline, we train in our profession to be the very best at our craft!  Work with a Jet Realty Broker today to help you purchase your home

The Money

No matter how good we are here at Jet Realty, nothing happens in a purchase of real estate without some item of exchange!  In other words, money, moolah, dinero, legal tender, or one all-time favorites, the Benjamins!   We enjoy educating new buyers on the process of purchasing a home, and that always starts with, “what can I afford?”  It has been said that education is power, and we like to help our buyers become empowered by taking the time to explain all the processes involved in a real estate transaction.


Getting pre-approved for a loan is always where you should start when considering looking for a home.  It’s very discouraging for both the buyer and the real estate broker to head out on a Saturday and find the perfect home, only to learn that the buyer does not qualify for that house!  Much unhappiness for both parties!  At Jet Realty we can recommend some of the best lenders in our local market or, if you already have a lender, we are happy to work with them.  Either way, with your financials in order our brokers can help you with the next step of finding the best house for you in your price range.  Much happiness for both parties!



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