Working in real estate these many years, I have seen a lot of changes that have mostly helped how we do business and have advanced our industry.  But over the last five years or so, there have been some changes in our industry that have had an impact, but not in the way most of us would like to see our profession advance.

The buzz word for some of today’s real estate businesses is the word, “disruptors”.  These are companies that are not bringing great quality service to individuals but are great tech companies that build amazing websites to search for properties.  Venture capital has been pouring into our industry at an unprecedented rate. 10 years ago, we had over $100 million dollars pouring into our industry but over the last 2 years (in 2017 & 2018) there has been over $5 billion!  That’s billion with a “B”! They say that real estate brokers will be replaced by robots, artificial intelligence, and computers and we should be afraid of this onslaught of technology. But call me old fashioned, (like my kids often do!) I believe that face-to-face customer service isn’t dead yet, and that is exactly what we are banking on at Jet Realty.  Here, we utilize all the latest technology to produce the highest quality service, but we mix it with good solid personal customer service to go with that great technology. Instead of sending an email generated by a company that is designed to bombard thousands of people at a time, we believe in writing hand written notes to one person at a time. It takes our time and that’s the commodity we want to share with you.

Don’t get me wrong!  Feel free to use those very expensive computer search engines to find the perfect home, then call us to help you navigate through the entire real estate transaction with a professional and “human” touch.  Or skip the search engines altogether and let us find you the perfect home!

We want to be the best local boutique-type real estate firm in Pierce County.  That’s all, plain and simple. We believe that people out there still want customer service with a professional and personal touch and we are here to provide it at Jet Realty.